Břeclav has been striving to improve public spaces in the city center for a long time. The main problems are heavy traffic, poor quality and maintenance of public spaces and the climate. In the summer months, people in Břeclav suffer from excessive heat and public spaces and greenery are not well prepared for these extremes. There are large asphalt and concrete surfaces in the city center, which accumulate heat and prevent the natural infiltration and water cycle that works in the open countryside.

Therefore, together with the city, we tried to find basic principles that would improve the appearance, function and especially the microclimate of the central pedestrian zone and adjacent squares. In the study, we focused on the use of elements of the so-called blue-green infrastructure, or greenery and water areas in the built environment.

-350 t CO2

Compensation of CO2 using biochar.

♻ -1300 m3

Annual savings of fresh water.

◎1,1 km 

New pedestrian paths.