Former mine Gabriela is located in North-east Czechia, between the cities of Ostrava, Karvina and Havirov. The study shows the possible redevelopment and further use of the abandoned mining area. The project is a first step of the development process and will be followed by intense discussions between the public, experts, land owners and municipality. The project introduces the idea of a POHO Park which will be based on recreational, educational and cultural facilities. The park should create new destination point for the local community as well as visitors from surrounding regions (PL, SK).

The current buildings will be restored and transformed into city library, mining museum and technological centre with fab-lab and hydroponics farm. New public spaces, playgrounds or forest beach with biotop natural pool will be located in the surroundings.

co-operation: Ing. Arch. Petra Vojtasíková

visualisation: Monolot